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Re-brand our products, imagine when multiple schools subscribe to your services and pay you as much as 500 - 1,000 naira per student every term. This can make you a millionaire in a very short time and give you the opportunity to work from the comfort of your home. All you need to do is to watch the videos and understand how to setup and provide support services for our applications. Once you have the required knowledge, you can start consulting for schools around you until you are qualified to apply for your own brand, please view the table below for more information. You can call our support lines on 07069444271 for details.

    STATER 15,000

  • Unbranded products
  • Online training
  • Download and print proposals
  • No products
  • 40% commission on sales
  • We control selling price

    BUSINESS 100,000

  • Unbranded products
  • Online training / visit to our office
  • 20 colored printed proposals
  • 10 installer and tutorial CD
  • 40% commission on sales
  • We control selling price

    Co-operate 250,000

  • Unbranded products
  • Online training / visit to our office
  • 20 colored printed proposals
  • 10 installer and tutorial CD
  • 45% commission on sales
  • We control selling price

    Webmaster 500,000

  • Branded products
  • A website to generate your own keys
  • Online training / to visit our office
  • Proposals (optional)
  • 1 master installer and tutorial CD
  • 50% commission on sales
  • You sell at you own price

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  • Introduction

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  • How to Install

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  • How to configure

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  • How to add students

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  • How to bill students

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  • Student Payments

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  • Creating Result 1

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  • Creating Result 2

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About Learn more about us

We are Nigeria software giant developer. We build user friendly applications for schools, business, hotels and retails outlet. We are widely spread accross various schools and business outlet in Nigeria.


Gone are the days when Nigerians will have to adopt and depend on foreign built applications to manage all processes. It becomes necessary for we to have home grown and highly customizeable solutions tailored for Nigerians as most of this foreign software does not really solve our problems the Nigerian way. This is a drive that led to the production of our first business solution called business app. Thereafter, we lunched our school management solution to complement our Business App. The appreciation and demands for our products in the Nigerian market have been tremendous.


  • COMPUTER VILLAGE IKEJASequence 08033037580


  • LAGOS-LEKKI Pcb 08033805961

  • LAGOS-AJHA Kayron 0813305255

  • LAGOS-SURULERE Gloria 08028100575

  • OGUN-STATE Proxy 08039209990


  • LAGOS-ISHERI & IGONDO BAYO 08035190430



Take advantage of the ways new generation schools operates, upgrade and automate your processes with school management solutions that has all the required tools.

1 You can now choose to printout result sheets offline (Option 1)

2 or enable students and parents check result and billing information online (Option 2)

Why use calculator to create examination result sheets when you can automate your result processing? Let's drop the outdated manual process that is prone to errors.

Eduapp is a school management application suitable to manage billing and create examination result offline and online, it serves as a school portal where billing information, contact information and students examination result sheets are stored and retrieved online or off-line. Other features include e-library and CBT..

Eduapp can be installed on a single computer or network to multiple computers. It also have an internet synchronization feature. This feature makes it possible for you to work offline and upload to the internet LOGON / CREATE ACCOUNT ON INTERNET VERSION

DOWNLOAD Business App

Business accounting application suitable to manage stock balance, generate sales report, print POS invoice. It is network-able and work with barcode scanners. DOWNLOAD


Hotel management application with this features: 1 Reservations 2 Customer Management 3 Generate Reports, 3 List of available and occupied apartments 4 debtors and creditors list 5 point of sales invoice 6 Expenses 7 Network ableDOWNLOAD


A library of e-books and videos powered by google. Auto note enable you to generate tutorial videos and books on all topics.Start now


Acknowledgement of supports:

The board of directors, staff and partners of smooth software LTD. acknowledge the contributions, support and recommendations from Mr Adebayo Adegun whose effort led us to meet Mr Olarenwaju, a Lagos State Auditor and also the Founder of Kayron International Schools. Kayron International School is a long time user of Eduapp. They contributed a lot to the formation of the billing and expenses modules on Eduapps.

We are grateful to the admin of BRITISH INTERNATIONAL SCHOOLS for recommending the multi currency module on Eduapps.

We acknowledge the support of our staff and management for roles in the development and perfection of the result sheet processor ..

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Customer service : 07069444271 , email